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Ironwood Medical Information Technologies

Ironwood Medical Information Technologies LLC is the parent company of the APP - FibonacciMD. The FibonacciMD APP was launched with two key features the Compendium and Annotate. The full medical term search offers a compendium of thousands of medical terms and medications, new terms are added daily. The Annotate feature enables the medical community to upload any EMR, PDF, or MS Word document and view annotations of medical terms. Visit for more information and to join the APP.


Our FibonacciBLOG features articles and In Brief topics written by the medical community for the medical community. Many of the medical terms that appear in the articles are also in the APP with even more details. 


Please join our newsletter to stay up to date with news about the company,, the FibonacciBLOG, and the

 Anyone in the medical community is welcome to visit and join the APP for free.

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