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Ironwood Medical Information Technologies

Ironwood Medical Information Technologies, LLC. (IMIT), is an innovative, new company founded by physicians and healthcare specialists to assist practicing healthcare clinicians.


IMIT’s goal is to empower medical professionals to make more informed decisions, quickly and seamlessly while caring for their primary care and specialty patients and provide the most successful patient outcomes.

Helping to Advance the Medical World

Our Mission is
To empower primary care and specialist clinicians by addressing their concerns of time management and patient management

improve the productivity and knowledge of all primary care and specialist clinicians with a more efficient medical provider system

And to 
develop technology that enables the healthcare professional to instantly extract and analyze medical data from multiple sources

Our Product - FibonacciMD

FibonacciMD app is the first product to be launched by IMIT on . The initial launch of the app features a Search Compendium and an Annotate function. The FibonacciMD team and editorial staff consist of a wide range of medical professionals.  You sign up for the medical app

Contact us for more information about Ironwood Medical Information Technologies and our products.

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